About us

Who We Are

Apex Organic Soya Industries Limited (AOSIL) is an innovation-driven agricultural producer working to extend soybean and cereal crops in Bangladesh. We have started our soybean production in 2012. A large farming team has been working to scale up the production. Our objective is to get enough raw material to set up a soybean-based agricultural industry. We believe and strive to work on the followings:

  • Cultivation of organic soybean
  • Production of high protein-based soybean products
  • Sustainable development in agriculture
  • Enhancing soil fertility
  • Reducing adverse impacts of chemicals on the environment


What We Do

At AOSIL, a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals has been working for years to establish soybean cultivation in the country in a hi-tech R&D laboratory. We have set up a strong supply chain for soybean production on a commercial scale, based on the research. Currently, we are working with more than 6000 contract farmers in our supply chain network. We believe the production capacity can be increased gradually in the future. We have the necessary capacity for further expansion of the industry.